10 Ways To Know You’re Pregnant

  1. You feel tired all.the.time. Like you you haven’t slept in weeks. It’s not fun, especially when you a full time job. Or when you have to do anything but get out of bed.
  2. You realize you just don’t want coffee, even when you used to drink it at least twice a day every day for way too long.
  3. Even though you’re vegetarian you realize you can’t eat vegetables, especially lettuce. When you do attempt to eat a salad your throat almost feels like it’s closing in rebuttale.
  4. You literally cannot take people breathing towards you. It’s nauseating and infuriating at the same time.
  5. That moment you put on your “comfy” pants and realize they’re snug. When did that happen?
  6. Your boobs look great in just about every shirt!
  7. You know how you and your girlfriends all seem to get your “time of the month” at the same time? Let’s talk about that moment when they tell you how bad it was and you realize you haven’t gotten it yet. Oops.
  8. You keep getting cramps like you’re just about to get your period….for weeks without getting it.
  9. Walking up a flight of stairs used to take about 5 seconds and now takes way too long and leaves you huffing and puffing for air at the top.
  10. Lastly. You made a new best friend. And her name is the Porcelain Goddess. And she’s a mean mean thing.

If any of these things happen to you you’re most likely pregnant. Trust me, I know. We’ll be expecting our first little nugget to arrive in April 2014! I haven’t been on the blog for quite a while (reference the list above). I look forward to sharing this journey with you!


    • christinachristina says

      Thanks so much! It’s such a humbling experience not being able to do things (like eat veggies or workout) that I was just doing over the summer. Can’t wait for more updates myself lol!

    • christinachristina says

      Wow congrat’s Beth!! That’s great news! How far along are you? I’m SO far behind on checking blogs, so behind that I’m scared to check how many unread posts there are lol.

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