Summer Bucket List

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the outdoors, we love camping, BBQ’ing and just enjoying the late setting sun as much as possible. Being able to wear shorts and sandals (shoes being optional is a bonus!) is seriously the best thing. It seems like family and friends see each other more often in the summer with the warm winds blowing and the sun setting late. Kids in the neighborhood are out playing and while the fire hydrants are opened to shed some coolness for everyone. It’s simply revitalizing.

Juicing for 1 whole day!

Something else that naturally becomes vibrant with summer is the produce!! During the winter it’s all about the root vegetables. Root veggies are good but let’s be real, they’re kinda heavy. I love all the leafy greens , various vegetables and fruits that are at their prime. Farmer’s markets are my playland in the summer and I love it.

burnt pizza
*proof that I burn grilled pizza’s

You know I love lists, so I thought it’d be a great idea to put together a short list of goals for the summer. I always make a set of goals for the year but why not for the season?Β After all, it’s the short term achievements that make us wantΒ to reach longer goals even more.

Summer Bucket List

  1. Perfect grilled pizza – I love grilled pizza but I always burn some or part of it!
  2. Bike ride to Coney Island – I just bought a bike so I’m very excited to start riding more.
  3. Go to a Soul Cycle class
  4. Run 10 miles – I’m dying to get into double digit runs and equally terrified.
  5. Create healthy desserts – apparently these are a demand!
  6. Make a really good black bean burger #eatclean – I’ve made some good ones but nothing great.
  7. Go camping & BBQ healthy foods – camping to my family = major food consumption. I’d love to make all healthy foods for once, not just pasta salads and rice concoctions.
Do you have any summer goals? Share what they are here! Maybe we can work on a goal together!