Chatty Thursday

I can’t believe my last post was on Friday! Perhaps it’s because I’m leaving for our wedding in a few days!!! Absolute insanity! My days feel like they’re going faster as the date comes closer and somehow, the days must be getting shorter. Seriously, I don’t believe there are 24 hours in a day, 14 seems more like it. Either way I’m so very excited to be on a tropical island, so much so, that I forgot about everything else!

I had some very last minute purchases that had to be made (I hate paying extra for Priority shipping but whatev’s), I also have a ton of stuff to blog about but whenever I get online it all seems to dwindle away. Once the internet comes up it’s like a to-do list suddenly appears, blocking my vision from what my original purpose of opening my laptop was. True story. Last night I made a quick dinner so I can hop online for a quick post, when I got online I was sucked into social media, decided I should get to sleep early because it was Tuesday and I had a lot to do on Wednesday (do you notice something wrong here? It was already Wednesday, major fail), then it was 10:30 pm and I thought, damn I forgot to blog!

So in an effort to organize my life I decided to make a quick list, but you knew that was going to happen right? So here’s the quickie list before I can tell you a reason I am very proud of myself.

Sushi and me

me and Sushi waiting for the subway to doggy daycare

Quick List
1. set up my office so whoever takes over while I’m out can actually make sense of things (why do we feel like whoever helps while we’re on vacation will be a monkey and needs step by step instructions?)
2. Um Sunday is Mother’s Day!! It’s Thursday, I need to think of something STAT! Too many women in my family to not do anything.
3. Get my nails shellac – I’m actually whole heartedly looking forward to this. 2 weeks of nail polish guaranteed? Yes please. No tragic nails for me on vaca.
4. Write “night before flight” list – A list about a list? I know. I KNOW.
5. Set up Sushi for doggy boarding. I am paranoid!!!!

Ok that’s my quickie list for today. On another note, do you think they’ll have hummus in Punta Cana? Just wondering. Seriously, I’ve been thinking about it and if I should bring munchies even though we’re staying at an all inclusive. I’d like to call this Bridal Bugout, or Wedding Insanity, or perhaps even Bogus Bride? yeah. Weird things come across your mind, what will I eat, will I have tan lines (really? we’re going to be on an island), should I wear makeup (because a bride with no makeup is a good choice??), I’ve gone crazy. Point blank. And now this post is filled with a whole bunch of nothing’s because my mind is everywhere. I literally stopped writing this post to write down a new list. Perhaps these lists would help if I didn’t keep writing them on loose paper and lose them in what is the Mary Poppin’s of a gym bag.

Oh that’s where I was going, workouts!!!! Ok so I you remember the Jamie Eason program I was doing right? Well, I stopped at Phase 3. I know, trust me I know. I beat myself up about it. It was so intense, in a good and bad way. It was good because it was making me push myself in a way I have never pushed myself before. Bad because I was so utterly exhausted after that I literally could do nothing after. The workouts intensified and I just couldn’t keep up. I put too much pressure on myself to finish this program before the wedding that I just quick. Yup, big fat quitter here. I decided to kick my own ass and just repeat a week if I need to of the last phase. I know the program works and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been but I need to finish what I started. At least for once finish!

Confession: I’m addicted to fitness programs!!! Did you know this? Well thanks for telling me! I start a program, love it for a few weeks, then get bored or discouraged and move onto a new program. I should start a new program from the halfway point, maybe then I’ll feel like I finished it. That isn’t cheating is it? Oh well. Does anyone else do this? Am I alone in my crazy program addiction?

P.S. What are you doing for Mother’s Day?

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