Day 1 with the house to myself and a teaser!

Single gal foods 019

I woke up bright an early this morning because I remembered I made coffee last night! Day old Freshly brewed iced coffee and a date with a yoga DVD is what was on the menu before I headed out to work. The one good thing about sleeping with the bed to yourself is having the bed to yourself! Even Sushi slept in her crate so the bed was completely to myself and I can’t explain how glorious it was. It was like crawling into a hotel bed and stretching your legs out as far as they can and feeling nothing but silky cool sheets.We really need to invest in a bigger bed. Actually, we need to invest in a bigger apartment so we can fit a bigger bed.

Single gal foods 003 Single gal foods 006

I’m so happy I woke up to get my workout done with early! I didn’t think I was going to make it since I was up late but I was bright eyed and bushy tailed early! I’m lying, I was up but if I didn’t get out of my bed the second that I did I would have went right back to sleep. I got up, turned on the TV, let the dog out in the back and just kept moving until I did my workout. After yoga was breakfast! I’ve been not only addicted to iced coffee but to white chocolate peanut butter and jelly for breakfast. Seriously. I’ve been putting single servings of the pb&j into small containers to keep me from eating it straight from the jar, it’s that good.

I didn’t capture a picture of my lunch but I bought a sandwich with veggies and it was boring. I couldn’t bare another commercial sandwich so I came home and made tomorrow’s lunch! Here’s a sneak peak!

Single gal foods 032

I couldn’t help but take a few nibbles and it was delicious AND vegan!

Single gal foods 022

Of course I didn’t only cook and chop while the G-man is away on business, I took Sushi out for a really long walk. Since it stays light out for a while I don’t mind walking her for a really long time, normally if we go out at night it’s always the three of us. She was so happy to be back in the AC and so was I. It’s a scorcher out there and tomorrow it’s supposed to be 98 degree’s here in NY but feel like 105! Yikes!

After lunch was packed in the fridge and the dog was walked I started to get the bug. I couldn’t sit still and didn’t really feel like watching TV so I did what anyone would do, I cleaned up. I took out summer clothes and packed all my winter clothes away. I even cleaned our “junk” drawer, here’s the before and after:

Single gal foods 025Before

 Single gal foods 027 After

There’s so much less stuff there but I definitely need some organizing dividers of some sort. It’s tough sometimes since our apartment is so small, my goal is to get fully organized! Hopefully it’ll be sooner than later :)

I have a Gchat date with the G-man in 15 minutes so I’m off! Stay cool out there!

How good are you at organizing? Have any tips?

Does it feel like 150 degrees by you also? Who else is dealing with this heat wave?


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    the first three nights alone are the best! I love spreading out and sleeping diagonally. It sounds like you had a great night! We had hot weather earlier this week and now it’s back to the 70s so not so bad!

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    I love your dog!!! She is soooooo adorable! What kind is she? She sort of looks like a terrier. I have a westhighland white terrier! Also, I am thinking of not eating meat anymore. It just grosses me out all of a sudden. I realized today that I keep buying organic chicken, cooking it, and then it sits and does not get eaten. Clearly I do not like it. Isn’t it funny how it just occurred to me? So, I hope it is ok if I ask you some questions about being vegan, etc.

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    Beth I totally spralled out diagonally last night! It’s funny how I woke up on “his” side though :)

    It’s in the high 90’s today but tomorrow it should be back down to the 70’s aka normal temp’s for this time of year :)

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    Meredith I’m more than happy to answer all of your questions the best that I can. And if I can’t answer them we’ll find the answers for ya! I’m not 100% vegan but I do try to stick to a vegan diet on most days. I think you’re body is telling you it’s ready to get rid of the chicken and enjoy some delicious vegetarian/vegan foods!

    Stick around for some yummy summer recipes :)

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    Jayme it’s a great start to the day! I won’t lie though, it’s hard getting up some times but once I’m up it’s great!

    The weather has actually cooled down significantly here now, thank goodness. They said the past few days was our first official heat wave of the summer ;)

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