Five Favorite Things

Why is it that during the week it’s such a struggle to get up in the morning but Saturday morning comes around and I’m up while it’s still dark out? It’s not fair I tell you! Like last Sunday I was up and relaxing. After I got bored of watching TV I started thinking about my five favorite things and I thought I’d share them with you.

Pink Lips
Five Favorite Things!

1. I don’t know if you can see it clearly above but I am loving fuchsia lipstick! It’s such a versatile color it works with every complexion. It instantly puts me in a great mood, actually, I think I’ll wear it today.

2. FINALLY there is a supermarket in my area that has Chobani’s Apple Cinnamon yogurt and I am all over it! I can’t wait to make this recipe.

3. The next best thing has been coming out of work and the sun shining! I love Spring for that reason! Well not only that reason but that’s a huge reason.

4. Brunch. Does this really need an explanation? I’ll be posting about my favorite place soon, very soon. Maybe I should go there tomorrow….again.

5. Coffee. Specifically strong coffee. I gave up caffeine for so long and with a new coffee make came a rekindling affair with coffee. I think I’ll have another cup now.

So that’s what I’m loving now! It’s no surprise they are almost ALL food and fitness related. On another note, today is Joy the Baker’s book signing here in Brooklyn and I cannot wait!! If you’re in the area you should stop by and come say hi! I think it’s her last stop (totally not sure though) on her tour so come to Brooklyn Kitchen at 2pm!

Added bonus: My favorite desserts are coffee cake and apple pie. This dessert made my heart skip a beat.


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