Friday’s Favorite Five

I’ve been amazingly calm about all this wedding planning stuff and counting down the days, but I came into work and got a zillion (yes, it’s a word) emails from our travel agent! At first I was all yay wedding!! and I quickly went into, omg I have everyone’s itinerary. I quickly turned into the To-Do-zilla. I seriously have 3 ongoing to-do lists and already have a plan for a 4th (and last hopefully) list of things that need to be done. 

So far I have a running to-do list, which is just stuff that needs to get done sometime between now and yesterday, ha! I have a list of non-clothing items that need to be packed/purchased and lastly I have a blog related to-do list. Yes, I’m that obsessed. My 4th list will be a list of “must do’s” for the weekend before we leave. And now your life is complete because you know I’m secretly a crazy list lady.
Since life my life is complete wedding focused right now there are a few things that have taken my mind off all the wedding craze.
Friday’s Favorite Five

1. It’s not surprise that I love food, but I love music just as much. The fact that this pairs music and food is just bonkers. Love it.
2. Excuse me but lentil and fancy mushroom tacos are now on a MUST MAKE list. Wait, do I have that list already? Darn, list 5 might be in the works…
3. Did you know I love green bean fries? I’m almost mad that I created them, they’re that yummy…
Green bean fries
bright little gems

4. Instagram finally made it to Android!! ok, while this might be old news to you, I’ve been secretly obsessing over it. Like, can’t fall asleep? I think I’ll check out Instagram. Hmm I’m hungry, maybe I should check out Instagram. yeah it’s bad. Check it out, you won’t be sorry! I’m ForkyouNoforkU if you want to follow :)
Sushi and me
5. Summer is coming and I’m in need of some cool clothes, I always run to the internet to get some ideas on what’s “in”. Totally loving these looks!! Shorts, flats, necklace, shades, and a comfy cute tee? Yes please.
There you go! I’ve been dipping into a little bit of everything to get my balance. Music, great food, fun photo’s and funky fashion. What else do you need!
What are your favorite 5’s this week?

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