Happy Thanksgiving! Or Happy Sangibing!

How was every one’s Thanksgiving! I hope it was wonderful and you were able to spend it with those close to you. I love spending Thanksgiving with family, there’s always way too much food. This year there was so much food I forgot to take pictures of a few different dishes, boooo!  Here are a few shots of what my family was able to enjoy.

My lovely Grandma blessing the food & wishing everyone a happy sangibing
The only dessert I got to take a picture of

Some other items we had were my delicious asparagus, which I’m really upset I didn’t get a pic of these because they were a hit but they’ll be featured in my “leftover” post, flan, pumpkin flan and my mom’s famous cheesecake. I’m not really a fan of cheesecake but my mom’s takes the cake, pun intended! It’s so yummy for every event the man always asks her to make it in lieu of gifts ha!

This year for us it was all about spending time with our families so I didn’t really take that many pictures but here’s a picture of my future mother-in-law with two of her grandchildren. Aren’t they cute!

I hope you all have a weekend full of love, peace and happiness! Enjoy the time we have with each other, make good food and share with those that you can. Be appreciative for what you have and just have fun! Smile, laugh and love.


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