Meal Plan Monday

Sorry for such a late post but I wanted to make sure I got this up on the blog so I can keep track of what I have planned for the week. I’m not feeling 100% great today but I’m hoping all these clean eats will help to get me feeling much better. Here is my plan for this week.

  • Monday – Eggplant rollatini over shells with a bit of garlic and capers
  • Tuesday – Chickn “fried” rice
  • Wednesday – Bean taco’s with all the fixings
  • Thursday – Naan vegetable pizza’s
  • Friday – Date night
  • Saturday – Dinner at my mom’s
  • Sunday – Left over veggies tossed with beans and a simple viniagrette

In addition to planning out this week’s dinner’s, I’ve taking just a few minutes to plan out my lunches and breakfasts! We’re really trying to save some money so spending $7 for breakfast every morning and $10 for lunches really needs to be a treat, not a habit like it has been. I’ve gotten lazy when it comes to my week day meal prep so this week I’m going have greek yogurt for breakfast with 1/3 cup cereal and a piece of fruit. I also made a big pot of soup yesterday so I’ll be having that for lunches. Not only is it cheaper to do this, it’s also so much more healthier. It’s easier to eat more veggies when I’ve prepared what I’m eating. Let’s see if it works!

What are you planning on making this week?


    • christinachristina says

      I usually buy it already made from an Italian deli near my house, so no recipe but maybe this winter I’ll be inclined to make a “lighter version” of the classic.

    • christinachristina says

      That was probably my favorite meal! haha! I miss you also! Hope all is well with you, I’ve seemed to have fallen off the social media radar :(

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