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Happy hump day! Lately I’ve been so consumed with wedding details I feel like every blog post has some kind of wedding detail in it! In an effort to stay true to this blog (this is a food blog after all!) I’m going to keep my wedding details to once a week. The lovely Linzi has been doing a “Wedding Wednesday” post and so I thought this was a great idea! Thanks Linz!!

For this week’s Wedding Wednesday I’d like to talk about alcohol! Yes alcohol. My family is a bunch of rowdy ass fun Puerto Ricans and if I had a wedding without an open bar not only would I hear it for the rest of my life (I’m not kidding) but I’d most likely have to leave the wedding reception to go to the liquor store. Now that I think about it, people have already made sure we’re having an open bar for our May 2012 wedding so surely if we did not they would bring their own.

drunk bride 

This is what I want to avoid the end of the night to look like. Not to mention with the weight gain I’ve had the past year the above picture might very well be an actual picture (I kid I kid. sorta).

Open bar

Very soon into my wedding planning adventure I realized that the food and the alcohol is the largest expense in a wedding. For us it really depended on the location, mainly because the location of our wedding very well dictates how many people will go. I’ll write about that more perhaps next week. As a little spoiler to the destination post that’ll come, we’re having a destination wedding! Having a destination wedding still implies a large cost for alcohol, no matter where you’re having it. Forecasting the cost of a wedding, at least for me, is tremendously difficult because you really don’t know how many people will attend the wedding until it’s very close to the actual date. So what do I do? Scour the internet for budget tips on saving money on booze but still having more than enough booze! Why have less when you can have more eh?


I’m going to share something with you that will help you if you are newly engaged, still single because it will help you in the future or if you know someone who is getting married you must tell them this now!!

How to save money on your alcohol budget for a destination wedding (OR wedding anywhere)……

Bring your own alcohol!!! Ok let me explain. For our wedding I’ve tried to price everything out with having potentially 50 guests (usually for a destination you have less but we’re finding out we’ll have much more). Based on 50 guests having an open bar at our location would cost us about $3000, keep in mind this is also based on having certain types of liquor available. We were fully prepared to pay the $3000 (based on my above comments on family). But then these words were emailed to me….

Can’t you bring alcohol from duty free?”

Oh you know I called (more like emailed because I’m too cheap to waste money to call outside the US) my wedding planner and asked if this was possible. She kindly replied, sure you can, you just have to pay a cork fee per bottle.

So here’s the deal, we’re paying a good amount for people to eat (I can’t wait! There’s going to be so much food!) and dinner automatically comes with wine, beer and soft drinks. This means that mixers are included! If you’re having a destination wedding make sure you speak with your wedding coordinator (most resorts if not all resorts offer a wedding coordinator for free) if mixers, wine and beer are included. We plan on shipping out our alcohol the week before the wedding and having it chilled that morning! We’ll be saving $2000+!! That’s a huge deal when planning a wedding.


What it comes down to is you don’t need alcohol to have fun unless you’re a bunch of rowdy Puerto Ricans but if you are having an “open bar” you can do it on a budget and still have a signature drink as well! Nobody has to know you chose a budget way to serve liquor, a bar is a bar and the important part is that you and your guests are having fun.

Now, to choose a signature drink!

P.S. On a random note: Share Our Strength is a nonprofit organization that works to end childhood hunger. I firmly believe that every little bit helps and here’s a free way you can help to! Yahoo has partnered with them and when you make Yahoo your homepage Yahoo will donate money to the organization! How easy is that?!

P.P.S. We’re going through a heat wave here in NY. Apparently Sushi feels this allows her to stay in bed all day.

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    That is so awesome that you able to save so much money by shipping in your own alcohol! Way to think outside the box. I am so excited for you and happy wedding wednesday!!

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    Thanks Linzi!! Hopefully at the end of this whole process I’ll try to post of all my tips and mistakes that happen, I may or may not post the end result of how much we ended up paying. We shall see :) We all need to save a few bucks! ha!

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    Thanks Linzi!! Hopefully at the end of this whole process I’ll try to post of all my tips and mistakes that happen, I may or may not post the end result of how much we ended up paying. We shall see :) We all need to save a few bucks! ha!

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