Weekend wrap up and an amazing gift for YOU!

Saturday started at 7am and finished roughly around 10:30pm, needless to say there was tons of stuff going on throughout the day. I’ll share a few moments with you guys.

In the morning we had a food styling and photography class. In groups we used some of the produce from the night before and paired it with some other items to create a dish to be styled and photographs.

Photographer & Stylists wondering how the lights will work

The class was so much fun and really educational! We learned what looked good in person might look differently on camera and vise versa. After all that sandwich making we were all ready for lunch! DC was beautiful this past weekend so we all walked over to McCormich & Schmick’s seafood restaurant. We were greated with a lovely menu.

When I took a look at the menu I realized it was all seafood, I was a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to be accommodated but I was pleasantly surprised when they said they prepared a vegan menu for me!

1st course: beats and roasted onions with mixed greens and balsamic reduction
Main course: braised bok choy, mushrooms in a miso broth with fresh made chips

The entree was very light but almost a little too lite. Everyone else had the halibut and it looked amazing.

It looked so good I had to take a pic :)
dessert was a strawberry short cake with strawberries & rhubarb with a marscapone cream

Dessert was really good but the berry compote alone was extremely sweet. Perhaps they tried to mellow out the flavor by adding a special ingredient to Amanda‘s shortbread biscuits?

Wait, what is that she’s holding in the air?? That is the finger of a rubber glove! Oh man, that thing was baked into the biscuit! I sware I was laughing so hard there was a stream of tears coming out of my eyes! I wish I could have gotten a picture of her face as she pulled it out. I’m literally laughing as I type this just remembering it. You all should check out her blog also, she makes amazing Moroccan food!

In an effort to not have a 20 page blog post I’m going to post a few random pics from the rest of the weekend at Eat Write Retreat.

Me and Maisha at CulinAerie

When in Rome….lobster rolls call your name.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get better Calphalon they are offering all my readers 10% off their orders!  They’ve never before offered any discounts so this is the time to buy if you’re looking for something. Or, of course, you want to buy a certain someone a wedding gift. ha! This offer is good until June 6th so don’t wait too long. Just go to their site here and enter the promotional code: C95926 at checkout!!

What do you getting your dad (or husband) for Father’s Day? Sort of a random question but I saw some really nice panini press pans on the Calphalon site and thought about how my dad loved panini’s.


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    That food styling class looks so fun & interesting! The whole thing looks like it was such a great experience.

    No idea what to get my dad! My sister and I can’t come up with anything : ( I think our last resort is a gift certificate to an outdoor music venue by us and then he can take my mom to a concert this summer.

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    Hey girlie, it looks like you had a great weekend..and you learned how to make food look good…You know every since you mentioned Sticky Fingers Bakery and you wanted April to stop, I’ve been meaning to go just haven’t made it on that side of town, but your sandwich looked good…next time you come down we have to go to FreshFarm Market and Eastern Market in DC..I think you’ll like it..

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    Hi Christina!

    It was great to meet you this weekend and thanks for sharing so many awesome photos! I love how you fanned the avocado out on top of the rest of the salad and your omelettes in endives look much neater than ours did.

    Hope to see you next year!

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    Lisa it was a great experience! Loved it! A concert sounds like a great idea, especially if your parents like that stuff :) if your parents like that stuff.

    Val I wish I had some of those endive bites right now! They were so yummy!!

    Samara we MUST go to the market!! I’ll be down there sometime soon, hopefully by July so we’ll do the market. Have you tried the lobster roll from the truck at the market??

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    What a fun wrap up! I, too, wish we got to chat more this weekend. Keep in touch via the normal blogger means (twitter, ha!) and I hope we end up somewhere together again soon!

  6. says

    What a fun wrap up! I, too, wish we got to chat more this weekend. Keep in touch via the normal blogger means (twitter, ha!) and I hope we end up somewhere together again soon!

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